TMC-KD-049 Montana Denim Knit is a perfect replacement for the Bi-stretch of W ...
TMC-CR-070 Beijing b Denim Knit is a perfect replacement for the Bi-stretch of W ...

Our Company

We are textile based sourcing company in Lahore, Pakistan, offering value added services in yarn, fabric and garments. We started our trading and indenting services in 1994 focusing on product development and trend forecasting. 
Over the years, TMC has developed a supply chain system which involves customer demands prediction, planning sourcing strategies, executing productions, delivering the product and follow up of the customer feedback and satisfaction. 



Our expertise

We develop new products based on new fiber blends, textures, and injections with devices. 

We source customer needs with best quality & timely deliveries from our suppliers. 

We keep minimum stock of various yarns offered to customers from various collections. 

Featured Categories

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Knitted Denim

TMC introduces new knitted denim fabrics. It comes together with the superb comfort of knitted sweatwear with the original indigo color and look of denim.

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Woven Fabrics

We present you the best woven fabrics! Not only we provide you woven yarn, but we also specialized in custom woven fabrics that is dyed and finished to meet your requirements.

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Weaving Yarn

We are Sourcing following State of the Art Yarn: Melange Yarn, Bamboo Yarn, Blended Yarn, Linen Yarn, Slub Yarn, Viscose Yarn, Acru and CF.

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Knitting Yarns

We offer latest and exceptional yarns! From luxurious yarns to versatile cotton and wool yarn, we have a huge variety of yarn weights that make anything you dream up possible.

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Specialized Yarn

Specialised Yarns such as Modal, Bamboo,Tencel, Wool, etc. Also providing yarns as per Client's demand. We are able to supply yarns with number of plys and yarns for multi-industrial uses.

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Blended Yarn

We offer a wide range of blended yarns from NE 10 Single to NE 45 Single both with Cotton portion Carded and Combed for Knitwear & Weaving end uses.

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Yarn Dyed Fabrics

We are leading suppliers of Yarn Dyed Fabrics across the country with unique style and latest trends. We are providing innovative solution to customers with their needs and demands.

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Melange Yarn

Melange Yarn is the yarn which is produced with the mixture of raw and dyed fibers. The fibers can be in cotton or others, in 100% Cotton as well as blended.

Category news

Mr. Shad Mustafa spoke in National Textile University

'Influence of Intellectual Assets in Textile Industry' speech by TMC CEO Syed Shad Mustafa

Team Building Activity: Cricket Match

TMC arranged a Friendly Cricket match vs Nafeesa Textile Ltd.

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A ready-to-wear brand by TMC.


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