Our Partners

Over the years, we have developed a system of supply chain management which involves predicting customer demands, plan sourcing sstrategies, execute productions, perform product integrity checks, deliver the product and followup of the customer feedback and satisfaction. 

We are one of the leading company working with most experience supply chain management to serve our local and international clients by providing quality products and services. 

We built strong relations with major vendors in order to bring right solutions at right time for valued projects of our clients and our wide range of quality products from reputed international principles and our competitive prices make us prominent among our competitors.

Our major business partners are as follows: 


Dynamic Spinning Mills Limited

Dynamic Spinning Mills Ltd. owns & operates a textile spinning mill which produces & sells yarn. They are able to meet your most stringent & discerning requirements ranging from the upscale to bulk economy market. Our vision is to strive for excellence through commitments, integrity, honesty & teamwork.

Dynamic Textile Mills Limited

Dynamic Textiles Mills (Private) Limited is a newly established unit since 2014. Dynamic Textiles is uniquely positioned towards various segments of the market offering a diverse product line to fulfill demands of customers worldwide for multiple end-uses fabrics.

Nafeesa Textile Mills Limited

Nafeesa Textiles are passionate about unmatched quality and product innovation for yarns. Their production facility covering about 382,300 square feet is equipped with 33,936 ring spindles backed up with state of the art machinery right from Blow room to cone winding.

Nagina Group of Companies

The mission of company is to operate state of the art spinning machinery capable of producing high quality carded and combed, cotton, core spun and blended yarn for knitting and weaving. Nagina Group provides our clients with a commitment to be the best.

SiddiqSons Limited

The textiles division of the group is one of the oldest and most established in the country. With a vast amount of experience and technical know-how we have come to establish a Denim Dynasty and are recognised by WGSN as one of Asia's top 5 denim manufacturers.

Tata Textile Mills Limited

TATA Group is a leading player of textile industry in Pakistan. It has acquired a status which is desired by many but achieved by a few. The industrial side of the group took a concrete shape with the acquisition of Island Textile in 1981. As the years passed by TATA Group is today one of the most modern yarn manufacturing organizations in Pakistan. We are fully equipped to meet both domestic as well as International clients’ requirements.