Why Choose Us

We are the trusted sourcing company representing renowned textile mills in Pakistan. Our ambassadorship ensures versatile suppliers network, comprehensive product portfolio and in-depth quality assurance.

Our team of technical gurus selects the best manufacturing solution in terms of costs and quality and oversee each stage of production, conducting:

  1. Inline Audits
  2. Production Performance Tests
  3. Per-shipment Inspections

So that the customers are sure of the products which they have ordered and there are no unforeseen surprises.

Our product conformity team is capable of handling third party audits in yarns and fabrics, garment and socks for your satisfaction. 


We keep minimum stock of various yarns offered to customers from various collections. 


We source customer needs with best quality & timely deliveries from our suppliers. 

Product Development

We develop new products based on new fiber blends, textures, and injections with devices.