Every person in this world has a singular journey. It presents one with a personal and distinctive perspective, experienced and witnessed only on an individual level. Art is the expression of this journey and design, its manifestation. Morri shares this very original experience, through its zeal for personalized aesthetics and devotion to architecting design. Fashion is relevant to time and the way forward is the only way. We, at Morri, with our cultural roots, take today's woman to what she will be tomorrow. 

Morri, the name itself comes from the idea behind creation. It is the essential acknowledgment of the silk moth, Bombyx Mori, for its strive to present this world with one of the most heavenly fibers in the world. Morri envisions a woman and her strive as priceless strength and splendor synonymous to the silk moth and its marvelous purpose. It is the tribute to a woman to celebrate her beauty, purity, independence, confidence and elegance.

Morri, as a brand concept is very significantly originated in our mystic land's deepest roots. The indigenous relevance of the moth to the history of this land, the subcontinent, contributes to all that transpired through centuries. The Silk Route was the gateway to this land and Mori, the reason behind it. 

Morri, as a fashion brand is driven by global art and design, it is an amalgamation of our exquisite heritage and modern times. It promises a deeper sensibility of adoration for art, design and fashion. Morri is today's woman, she is unique and that is our promise.