Product in Detail

TMC-KD-049 Montana

Denim Knit is a perfect replacement for the Bi-stretch of Woven Denim. 
The look and feel of fabric made with Indigo Dyed Yarn is instantly recognizable and is considered as its unique point. 
Fabrics made with Indigo Dyed Yarn are fully sustainable Garment Fabric. 
The strength of this fabric is unmatched and yet it’s light and flexible, giving all the wear-comforts one seeks. 
The special Indigo Dyeing process give this fabric an inimitable visual and tactile quality, making it discrete from those fabric which are exposed to other Dyeing process. 
The choice of Fabric Types is wide-ranging, from heavy to light weight Indigo Dyed Fabric. 
Denim Knit is as comfortable and soft as your favorite T-shirts. 
The following collection will give you a brief overview of the possibilities there are with this Indigo Dyed Yarn and represents cross-section of products processed through garment laundry route.

Category: Knitted Denim

Item Code: KD-049

Composition: 76% Cotton, 16% Poly & 8% Spandex

Color(s): Indigo

GSM: 380 g/m2 (+5%)

GLM: 630.6 g (+5%)

Remarks: Also available in TMC-KD-049 Montana PFD